Karim has a natural knack for constructing communities.

He brings together like-minded people that reflect his many interests and dimensions. I am a happy recipient of this multidimensional community building spirit of Karim, as a member of The Bored of “The British Toast Rack Society”.

Upon first sight, The Bored appears to be rather whimsical.

Such an assumption would betray Karim’s quiet ingenuity.

Upon a closer inspection of The Bored we find that it bursts open with vibrant scholars and writers, artists and artisans, inventors and innovators, educators and environmentalists. 

Karim does not live in the world we are all confronted with.

Karim creates his own world, and has us share it with him.

Professor Richard Gombrich, Balliol College, Oxford University


(click here to read Karim’s interview with Professor Gombrich)


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