The style of Karim Ajania is essentially simple, often childlike but never overdone. Simplicity and repetition are the key to understanding what appears complicated.

Karim skillfully uses metaphors as adults stylishly speak them. He is a master of images and imagination as children would very clearly see them. Adults have the unfortunate tendency to obscure what sparkles with clarity. Karim is an exception to this sad rule; his clear style recalls a child’s language that has been enriched by an elaborate content.

Let us travel to the heart of cultures to become like the author, Karim, and the children: astonished and insightful. 

Foreword to Jonathan Pupil by former Ambassador Pierre Gramegna


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Drop and Ray


Four Eternity


A Storm in a Teacup




Lemur Town




Lemur Forest


Limber Lemur


Gray Island


Grayden the Gardener


Migratory Map


Bird Airport


Banana Burger


60 Look


Fashion 60