Economic Apartheid is Karim’s core concern as an economist.

It is Karim’s goal to design systemic economic policy models that address those marginalized children with whom we all share this planet, whose families live on less that $1 a day.

These children remain largely invisible to us all, and will continue to do so, until courageous men like Karim step up.

I have served as part of a team of four advising economic environmentalists to Karim’s work on Economic Apartheid:

My fellow advisors to Karim are Jeffrey Frankel at Harvard University, Peter Gleick at The Pacific Institute, and my friend of over 40 years, Paul Ehrlich at Stanford University. 

I am heartened to see how Karim has combined his skills in Education and Economics to create literacy programs for children in the slums of AfricaThe work Karim is doing for the poorest of the poor on our planet, is not easy. It is hard.

Sir Partha Dasgupta, Professor of Economics, Cambridge University


(click here to read Karim’s interview with Sir Partha Dasgupta)



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