Karim is a poetical soul with a lyrical and a profound gift for storytelling. I have known this of my friend Karim ever since we were doctoral students together at Harvard University some 30 years ago. His stories bring light and enlightenment.

He carries the lantern in his gentle heart of the great Indian poets throughout the centuries. Karim is truly a modern day Rabindranath Tagore, whose own kinship with W. B. Yates is reflected within Karim’s own cross-cultural community spirit. 

You will love these stories that respect and celebrate ethnic diversity, cultural diaspora, and most of all, a deep humanity.

— His Royal Highness Jayasinhji Jhala, Maharajah of Dhrangadra

Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Harvard University


(click here for Afterword to Karim’s story by Professor Jhala)


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